Provecta in the USA

Provecta Process Automation LLC is an electrical and controls engineering consultancy company specialising in highly advanced automation, protection and control solutions for fossil-fuel electricity power generation customers operating in the US and Europe. In response to the increasing demand placed on conventional thermal power plant as intermittent renewable generation grows, Provecta identifies and makes improvements to plant operational flexibility and efficiencies through control design enhancements and optimisation.

Provecta LLC was established in January 2017 by Provecta Process Automation Pty Ltd. (an Australian-based company) that has been providing international engineering consultancy services for 15 years.

Provecta’s customers are mostly power utilities seeking expert controls-related services in response to the impact of electricity generation from intermittent and unregulated renewable sources which is demanding greater thermal plant operational flexibility. Solutions are provided through control design enhancements, optimization, event investigations, specification preparation and strategic consultancy. The company is also engaged in research and development of control enhancements beneficial to the industry, and consults to companies providing products and services to utilities, including boiler manufacturers, DCS vendors and EPC contractors.

We strive to be recognized by our customers as the preferred supplier of specialized automation/control technology, electrical engineering and project management services. We achieve this recognition by providing customer focused engineering solutions committed to meeting every customer’s expectations for value, responsiveness and quality.


Our key capabilities in the USA include:

  • Modulating and sequence control design, enhancement, deployment and tuning for drum, once-through and combined-cycle power plant
  • Owner’s engineering services (project development, options studies, risk assessment, specification preparation, factory testing, etc.)
  • Functional Safety system engineering and reviews
  • Alarm system management
  • Power Plant controls and operations training

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