Control System Maintenance Support

Control systems require ongoing monitoring and maintenance to ensure their continued reliable operation.Maintenance of modern control systems require knowledge of computer technology including network equipment, communication protocols and infrastructure, operating systems, specialist application software, in addition to the traditional plant application control and infrastructure systems. Most plant control systems now interface to corporate IT systems which provide significant benefits but which result in additional support requirements. In particular many IT support companies consider process control equipment as outside their knowledge base and are reluctant to take on support of process control systems and equipment. Extensive and specialised skills are required to support and maintain the entire modern control system.

Provecta is currently providing control system monitoring and maintenance support to a number of clients across a broad section of industries.

Provecta offers a variety of control system maintenance support services including:

  • System Support – includes telephone support, callout services to investigate and resolve system problems as well as technical advice on control augmentation and modifications.
  • System Performance Monitoring – The performance of control systems are regularly monitored (either remotely or on site) to ensure that they continue to operate correctly and that issues are promptly identified and corrected before system performance is degraded.
  • System Periodic Audit and Backup – Periodic audits and backups to ensure that all components and software has been documented and can be readily restored in the event of failure.
  • Control System IT Security – Reviews of IT security for all control systems to ensure compliance with relevant Australian standards (e.g. AS/NZS 27001:2006). Provecta can also assist with the development and implementation of a Disaster Recovery Plan.
  • Software System Updates – The security and reliability of control systems is maintained through regular updates of operating system service packs, patches, anti-virus software and control system software service packs.
  • Technical Support and Engineering – Provision of engineering services to assist or perform control system modifications and upgrades, including procurement and installation of replacement control system components and control system software upgrades.

Support can be tailored to suit the different needs of clients including their specific plant operating requirements. Where the full breadth of capabilities required are not available via clients staff or existing outsourcing arrangements Provecta can supplement and work in partnership with clients’ staff, existing service providers and equipment vendors.

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