The Frequency Control Ancillary Services (FCAS) market operated by NEM continues to grow in importance for agile generation assets able to take advantage of their plant capabilities.

Provecta is able to assist generators in maximising their capabilities in the FCAS markets through the following value-add consultancy services;

  • Benchmarking of generator responses to determine FCAS capabilities at various loads
  • Review and improve existing control implementation schemes to optimise FCAS capabilities and allow selection/deselection of FCAS various services
  • Preparation of analysis tools to allow market traders understand plant capabilities at various loads
  • Tuning of co-ordinated boiler/turbine controls to optimise FCAS capabilities
  • Interpretation of the FCAS rules and how they apply to different generators under various scenarios
  • Preparation of AEMO FCAS Enablement Quantities reports
Should you wish to discuss maximising your FCAS capabilities, please contact, Mr Andrew Oates at the following contact details:
Mr Andrew Oates  P +61 2 8204 5410  M +61 408 256 039