Operations Support and Asset Management Services

Well considered and effective operations and asset management strategies are required to ensure that your plant is operated effectively, efficiently and with long term plant viability. PROVECTA has the experience and capability to assist your operations and asset management staff. Asset management requires an understanding of the need to achieve an appropriate balance between operational considerations such as; maximising availability, net output and heat rate, minimising emissions and maintaining operational flexibility whilst ensuring that plant life is not being sacrificed.  PROVECTA has the experience and expertise to identify determine, recommend and implement cost effective operational and control measures to improve overall plant asset performance.
PROVECTA can also help to ensure that operations and engineering staff are properly trained and equipped to run your facility by providing plant specific training aimed at developing both process and process control philosophy understanding, developing detailed operating procedures, and by ensuring that the control systems are providing staff with the information that they need to make informed operating and asset management decisions. When operational problems do occur, PROVECTA has the experience and expertise not only to identify the root cause, but to determine, recommend and implement cost effective operational and control measures to overcome the problem.

PROVECTA is able to offer the following operations and asset management services;

  • Plant performance review, analysis and optimisation,
  • Operational event analysis and problem resolution,
  • Development of operational procedures and practices,
  • Operator training,
  • Alarm analysis, management and rationalisation,
  • Commissioning and return to service scheduling and co-ordination.

In addition to the above, PROVECTA have the demonstrated expertise and capability to implement plant management information systems and to customise plant information systems to suit your operational requirements. PROVECTA’s operations and asset management services are committed to improving the reliability and performance of your plant.

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