PLC and SCADA Systems

PLC and SCADA systems play a vital role in the modern industrial and automation environment. From the individual PLC controlling a discrete plant to a site wide integrated PLC and SCADA system Provecta is able to provide a total PLC and/or SCADA system solution. Provecta has a wide range of hands-on PLC and SCADA expertise and has performed projects utilising most major PLC and SCADA vendor’s equipment.

Provecta has been involved in all aspects of PLC and SCADA projects including:

Provision of Consultant Advice.

  • Project development
  • Design standards (automation, control concepts, protection, instrumentation, redundancy, architecture, IT security, graphics, alarms, etc)
  • Performance standards & requirements
  • Control room requirements
  • PLC/SCADA integration
  • Specification preparation and analysis
  • Alarm analysis and reduction

PLC/SCADA Project Implementation.

  • Project Management
  • Hardware supply and installation
  • Network and communication systems design
  • Plant information technology design and setup
  • Functional design, configuration, testing, commissioning and tuning
  • Electrical systems engineering including power and cabling systems design
  • Instrumentation and field equipment
  • Documentation and training
  • Automation level improvements

Provecta is not a control system supplier or vendor and as such can provide independent and objective advice to provide the best solution to resolve process control problems. Whilst not aligned to any particular vendor Provecta is a certified System Integrator with Schneider Electric, Rockwell Software, and Wonderware.

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