Operational Technology

Operational Technology (OT) comprises all of the hardware and software required to monitor and control physical devices, processes and events. Provecta has expertise in all aspects of OT including:

  • cloud based software and solutions;
  • edge computing systems;
  • industrial control systems (including SCADA, PLC and DCS);
  • safety systems;
  • energy monitoring systems;
  • data network, communication and cabling systems that interconnects the OT sub systems;
  • process measurement devices (instruments);
  • IoT devices.

Provecta is a highly regarded engineering company with experience associated with project delivery across the complete OT environment. This experience has encompassed:

  • Consulting roles such as project development services, technical advisory roles, and project and contract management;
  • Hands on responsibility for design, procurement, implementation and commissioning;
  • Maintenance support and OT system administration;

Provecta has an extensive portfolio of greenfield and upgrade OT projects delivered for critical infrastructure utilities, (e.g. power and water utilities) and across industry generally.

Provecta can provide advice regarding all aspects to OT systems cyber security including conducting auditing and recommending and performing system hardening. Provecta also has experience with the design and implementation of the interface (DMZ) between OT and IT systems

Provecta recognises the opportunities and challenges provided by IT/OT convergence and is experienced with interfacing with corporate IT personnel.

Successful OT systems design, implementation and support requires expertise in both the physical and digital world and if you are seeking an engineering company to assist your digital transformation journey, Provecta has the capability and experience to assist you extend the value of yesterday, grow today, and, transform for tomorrow.