International Expansion – June 2016

Int ExpansionFor  over 5 years, Provecta has been providing highly specialised advanced control solutions to overseas electricity generation customers operating in mature electricity markets  where incremental improvement in operations and efficiencies are sought, and where the increasing impact of electricity generation from renewable sources requires greater thermal plant operational flexibility. This export work has been predominantly into the USA but has also included the provision of engineering services to the UK, and South Korea.

To take advantage of opportunities to further develop the Provecta export business Provecta is pleased to announce that it has appointed Don Parker as its Overseas Representative to be based in the USA (Chicago) for an initial period of 12 months commencing in early June 2016. Don’s primary role will be to perform business development activities with the aim of expanding our customer base, winning greater volumes of international  business, with the delivery of services and detailed design and engineering support to be provided from Australia. Remote monitoring and data analysis services from Australia will also be developed.