Transfield Worley Power Services Engage Provecta to Implement Central Control Room Operational Technology Systems

Transfield Worley Power Services (TWPS) is an operations and maintenance business supporting one third of Australia’s power generation capability, with clients owning a mix of power generation plants including solar wind, hydro and thermal.  TWPS operate a range of renewable power generation installations on behalf of owners and asset developers.  Provecta has been engaged to implement the underlying operational technology systems for the new TWPS Central Control Room (CCR) facility to be located in North Sydney.

Provecta is responsible for the design, supply, configuration, and commissioning of the CCR common infrastructure systems, the SCADA application, and the site-based interface to the existing local control and SCADA systems. Initially 12 sites will be operated from the new CCR.

Common Infrastructure and Systems

The project is based on leveraging the Microsoft Azure environment and services to provide cloud-based infrastructure supporting the CCR and remote sites.

The architecture consists of three main sections:

  • The CCR environment which contains the SCADA client workstations, network equipment and internet connection to Azure
  • The Microsoft Azure Environment running the SCADA system and SCADA servers and associated OT management infrastructure
  • The client site equipment which will consist of an Internet gateway and data concentrator to exchange data with the site controls systems


SCADA Application

Wonderware System Platform SCADA has been selected for the TWPS CCR application. Provecta’s scope of work includes:

  • The development of SCADA system standards that will define the look and feel of the SCADA system and ensure consistency across all of the sites. These standards address issues such as system colours, symbols, navigation, alarms, etc.
  • Development of standard SCADA graphic templates within the SCADA Platform to provide a consistent look and feel for operational staff and to assist with effective ongoing support and maintenance activities, and potential expansion of the system
  • Implementation and commissioning of the SCADA application for the individual sites


Provecta is required to implement the common infrastructure and systems and the first site to achieve a functioning and operational CCR within three months of Contract award and, all sites are to be operational from the CCR within 6 months of Contract award. Provecta is currently on track to achieve this challenging program.