US – Power Plant Controls and Operations Engineering

Provecta’s Expertise in Demand
Elm Rd and Trimble County Power Stations (USA)
Power Plant Controls and Operations Engineering

Bechtel Power Corporation

Bechtel Power Corporation is the lead equipment procurement contractor responsible for the design, construction, commissioning and optimisation of super-critical once-through units located at Elm Rd (2 x 677MW)  in Wisconsin, USA and at Trimble County (1 x 750MW) in Kentucky, USA.

Provecta was initially engaged by Bechtel to provide specialist engineering advice on modulating control concepts and configuration, unit plant commissioning and tuning programs and procedures to Bechtel. Since initial engagement Provecta’s role has been expanded to provide on-site engineering services including modulating controls tuning at both power stations. At Elm Rd, Provecta staff have also assisted in providing operator training, co-ordinating operator activities during commissioning and plant performance tests, developing operational procedures, and, investigating plant and operational issues (e.g. loss of plant output root cause analysis). Provecta has also advised Bechtel in regard to issues with the Elm Rd power station staff training simulator and water treatment plant.