Weddell Power Station Controls Upgrade

Weddell Power Station Control Integration with Channel Island Power Station (NT)

Power and Water Corporation

Weddell Power Station (WPS) is owned and operated by the Power and Water Corporation (PWC) in the Northern Territory, and comprises two (2) General Electric (GE) LM6000PD SPRINT, aero-derivative type, gas turbine generator (GTG) units and associated supporting infrastructure, with a total nominal generating capacity of approximately 84MW.  The current WPS has a standalone control system. PWC intends to increase the electrical generating capacity (‘augmentation’) of the existing WPS by installing a third OCGT.

Provecta has been engaged (after an open Tender process) to integrate the existing Weddell Power Station (WPS) Unit 1 and 2 Control Systems and the proposed new Unit 3 Control System into Power and Water Corporation’s existing Yokogawa CS3000 system at Channel Island Power Station (CIPS). The existing WPS facility comprises 2 x GE gas turbine generators and associated supporting infrastructure, and a standalone control system comprising various PLC’s and HMI’s. It is the intention of this project to provide a common control system platform across WPS and CIPS to provide a uniformity of control interface for operating staff. The project will involve the design and installation of up to 4 new CS3000 controllers (FCS’s), 2 new operator stations (HIS’s), a new engineering workstation (EWS), expansion of the ExaQuantum historical data server, and installation of an appropriate communications network to facilitate remote operation of the plant.