Weighbridge Automation (Delta Electricity)

Weighbridge System Upgrade

Delta Electricity

PROVECTA was awarded the contract to design, supply and install an automated coal delivery weighbridge system across three of Delta Electicity’s Power Station sites (Mt Piper, Wallerawang and Vales Point Power Stations). The project involved the custom development, testing and installation of a weighbridge transaction database based on Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and an associated user front end (“Trutino”). Truck identification is made possible through the use of radio frequency ID (RFID) card readers and individual “tags” installed on each truck. Delivery details are displayed to drivers on large screen LED displays. The system provides full auditing of all transactions and photographic evidence of each transaction is stored in the SQL. The system automatically links the transaction data into Delta’s financial systems to facilitate automated supplier payments. Control of truck movements is managed through a network of Schneider PLC’s and a CitectSCADA operator interface.