Thermal Power Generation

Consulting Services:

Provecta has developed an international reputation for delivering high quality electrical, controls and instrumentation engineering consultancy services in the energy sector specialising in thermal fired power generation.

Our engineering consultancy services include:

  • Project Development, Scope Definition and Technical Specification Development
  • Modulating and Co-ordinated Controls Review, Enhancement, Tuning and Optimisation
  • Sequence Controls Review and Enhancement
  • Automation Level Enhancement
  • Functional Safety Compliance and Documentation
  • Alarm Review, Management and Rationalisation
  • Control Room Centralisation and Remote Monitoring
  • Process IT Security Review and Compliance Audits
  • Control System Benchmarking
  • Site Commissioning Co-ordination
  • Operation and Maintenance Services including Root Cause Analysis Investigations
  • Training in Control System Design, Dynamics and Tuning

Provecta’s services have been successfully provided in Australia, United States of America, United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia and United Arab Emirates

Provecta has extensive experience in the operation and control of boiler turbo-generator Units and associated common plant.  This experience covers a wide range of boiler types including sub-critical, once-through-sub-critical, super-critical and ultra-critical coal fired boilers; sub-critical tangentially coal fired boiler; sub-critical gas fired boilers; combined and simple cycle gas turbines; and sub-critical circulating fluidise bed boilers.
Provecta through its independence from boiler manufactures and control system vendors has been able to develop an understanding and hands-on tuning experience with the different boiler control concept offered by the various boiler control providers throughout the world.

This experience differentiates Provecta from other consultants and allows us to provide unique solutions to Provecta’s boiler controls experience includes:

  • Equipment manufacturers – IHI, Babcock and Wilcox, Hitachi Babcock, Doosan, General Electric, Combustion Engineering and VKW
  • Control System Vendors – Siemens, Yokogawa, Toshiba, General Electric, Emerson, and ABB Bailey

Contracting Services:

Closer to home in the Australian market, Provecta is well known for providing cost effective turnkey controls and instrumentation upgrade projects.  Provecta has upgraded the control systems associated with power station’s dry ash systems; demineralisation and regeneration plants; coal bunkering and receiving plants; polishing plants; sootblower systems; AEMO RTU’s; and chemical process plants.

No project is too small or too large.