Jared Buncombe

Senior Engineer - Haz Areas Specialist


Jared provides specialist services to our clients in the classification, design and implementation of Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Areas (EEHA). He has significant experience in the integration of EEHA requirements as per the AS/NZS 60079 series of standards into clients corporate wide systems to both simplify and reduce lifecycle costs for initial and ongoing compliance. This experience is emphasised by his nomination as a member of the Australian Standards EL-014-07 Selection Installation and Maintenance [for EEHA] Sub-Committee.

Jared has also had extensive experience in the design and implementation of process control systems for the energy and water industries. This experience includes managing control system upgrade projects for numerous clients across a wide range of control system vendor equipment.

The most significant of his process control systems experience has been with Hydro Electric power stations including work such as: optimisation and tuning governors; interfacing Excitation and synchronising systems to Unit controls and managing teams of design engineers in the development of software for significant control systems upgrades.