PROVECTA wins Water Plant DCS Controls Upgrade Contract

PROVECTA has recently been awarded a significant contract to upgrade the controls for the Condensate Polishing Plant at Liddell Power Station from the existing Modicon 984 PLC’s to a Yokogawa CS3000 DCS platform. The Condensate Polishing Plant consists of a set of four polisher vessels for each of the four generating units at Liddell. Exhausted vessels are automatically regenerated with sulphuric acid and caustic via one of two identical regeneration trains. The contract allows for the complete transfer of controls to the Yokogawa CS3000 platform, generation of detailed operator interface graphics, provision of new instrumentation, commissioning and operator training. Typical Water Plant DCS Graphic This project follows from the successful DCS controls upgrades at Liddell Power Station by Provecta for the Compressed Air Plant and Demin Water Plants.