Wivenhoe Hydroelectric Controls & Instrumentation Upgrade

Wivenhoe Hydro Pumped Storage Power Station Controls and Instrumentation Upgrade


Wivenhoe Power Station is Queensland’s only pumped storage hydroelectric plant and is currently operated by CS Energy. The 500 megawatt power station is located on the eastern side of Wivenhoe Dam, about 90 kilometres north-west of Brisbane and comprises two 250 megawatt units.

Splityard Creek Dam (high level reservoir)

Splityard Creek Dam (high level reservoir)

A pumped storage hydro-electric power station recycles a limited amount of water between a high level and a low level reservoir. This is different to a conventional hydro-electric power station which uses water only once.

Water from the Wivenhoe Power Station’s upper reservoir flows through the turbine that drives the generator to produce electrical power. The flow of water through the turbine is controlled by means of adjustable guide vanes. Water is pumped back into the high level reservoir to be used again at times of high demand.

Control and Instrumentation Systems : The existing control system comprises electromechanical relays and discrete componentry, which provides control of the units from the power station’s Unit Control Desk. Interfacing facilities were also installed to allow the power station to be controlled remotely.

Guide Vane Linkages

Guide Vane Linkages

Provecta has been awarded the contract to upgrade the control, process protection and monitoring systems at Wivenhoe Power Station.

The project scope includes:

  • design and configuration of new control, process protection and monitoring systems for both units and the Common Plant at the Site (the Control System);
  • supply, installation and commissioning of the new Control and HMI System ( hardware, and software), including procurement, implementation and testing plans;
  • provision of a separate Safety Instrumented System (SIS) that provides a dedicated protection system for the site.
  • Supply of required equipment to implement the new protection System;
  • design and installation of extensive new instrumentation and field devices; and
  • testing and commissioning associated with interfacing the new Control System, with the new D-EHG and AVR.

The control systems for the two generating units will be upgraded during outages scheduled to commence in April 2012 and April 2013 respectively. The controls for the common plant will be upgraded in the period between the two unit outages. The Contract requires Provecta to achieve and meet guaranteed performance levels (both in terms of control systems reliability and in achieving power station availability during the defects liability period).