Brad Chin

Principal Engineer

B.Eng. (Hons) Elec., RPEQ 

Brad brings over 30 years of practical control system experience to all of the projects that he undertakes.

Prior to joining Provecta in 2003, Brad had an extensive career in construction, operation & maintenance in the electrical, controls and instrumentation fields for coal fired utility power stations. This experience included off-shore postings in Kalimantan and Malaysia where, as the control & instrumentation commissioning engineer, Brad was responsible for the commissioning and tuning of the boiler controls & burner management systems for industrial and co-generation fossil fuel power stations. Following his return to Australia, Brad worked with Pacific Power International providing high level process control system services associated with a number of greenfield power station construction projects.

Since joining Provecta, Brad has successfully managed a number of critical customer projects both in the consulting sphere and project delivery.

Brad is also recognised for his capabilities in mentoring younger engineers and developing a project team providing exceptional levels of service and customer focus.