Peter Lane

Principal Engineer

B.App.Sc. (Hons) Industrial Chemistry. GRACI

Peter has over twenty five years of experience in the design, commissioning and project management of control systems, using PLC’s, SCADA systems and DCS’s from various vendors. Peter specialises in the fields of water treatment, materials handling, chemical control and the environment. Peter is an experienced contract and project manager. As well as leading teams of Provecta engineers to undertake design and construct projects, Peter has undertaken a number of consultancy roles providing Owners Engineering Services.

As a qualified Industrial Chemist, Peter spent the initial part of his career working to optimise the operational aspects of chemical and water treatment plants for industrial sites, primarily power stations. His interest in the control of these complex processes has since guided his career towards the design and implementation of process control systems. The practical experiences Peter gained in his early career on the operational aspects of industrial plants has given him a valuable client focussed perspective he is now able to apply to his process control system designs.

Peter has undertaken a number of projects where the focus has been optimising the Human Machine and Graphical User Interfaces (HMI & GUI) for particular plant operations. These projects have ranged from specific plant processes (e.g. Demineralised Water Plant) to a whole of site operational interface upgrade for a large scale power stations. Factors considered during these projects included general plant operability, operator mobility, ergonomics, control room architecture and lighting designs.